Getting Certified-Body Armor BA 9000-ISO Pros#8

Getting Certified & Implementing Body Armor BA 9000

All ISO standards come with certification once you are able to meet all the requirements established on the document. 

But, how can you obtain this certification?

There are two options:

  • Get certified by the organization itself (ISO).
  • Obtain it from a validated company that evaluates and supports you in meeting all the requirements.

At ISO Pros, we can provide you with the second option since our company has been in this field for over a decade. We have been operating and supporting companies dedicated to the fabrication of Body Armor for federal, the police, and law enforcement. Even when BA 9000 isn’t a regulatory or mandatory standard, we find it quite important to invest time in it and make sure your company gets certified.

After all, its implementation only brings benefits to the quality management system of your company. All it takes to start obtaining and taking all the advantage you can from them is to find the right company like us to implement and invest resources in this standard. We are aware that many companies have a hard time during this process and getting certified, sometimes, isn’t as simple as it sounds.

ISO standards and the documents themselves, come with several requirements and even rules that need to be met and followed. As a result, companies spend a lot of time and resources trying to make everything possible, but it is hard to meet all requirements when you consider the changes that usually take part in marking as check every single one of them from the document. However, it isn’t impossible when you have the right support and company that will provide you with the certification.


When can you start with its implementation?

Unlike other standards, BA 9000 is quite accessible and possible to implement whenever you are ready or feel like it. Improving your quality management system is always welcomed and since ISOs are always being updated—not as frequent as you think—it is quite possible to stay relevant thanks to their implementation. Therefore, it is never too later nor too early to implement it, which means it is always a good time to bet on it and contact us to determine the changes and required parameters to start following.

Usually, the companies dedicated to fabricating Body Armor that we have helped have been operating for a couple of years, or weren’t too new but rather 2 or 3 years old. All of them noticed several improvements and obtained all the benefits that come from implementing this standard. Overall, you need to consider that implementing an ISO isn’t something that will take a week, which means you won’t get everything done in only a few days.

Instead, you will have to invest more time and effort than you think, and the reason this has to be with the fact of the right time to implement it is that you must choose a moment when you can focus on this. ISO standards require a lot of concentration and dedication, after all, it is about making changes in order to meet specific requirements. There are almost zero companies that are able to meet all of them without making major changes, and we assure you this since the standards and everything established on them are quite specific.

In simpler words, you will have to put your heart and mind on this implementation if you want it to result in something positive as it is supposed to be. Some people will find quite hard this process since it is hard to compromise yourself in implementing an ISO. However, we assure you that it won’t be as time-consuming as it sounds and you think. It is all about balancing your obligations and things to do.

Besides, our role in this entire process is to provide you with the certification once you are finished and met all the requirements. But if you don’t meet them just yet, we will provide you guidelines to make it happen. Getting certified is more than having a company or organization behind you expecting to give you a seal of approval. We will be there to make sure you are going in the right direction and following each step in the process.

How to get us for your certification

It is quite simple to have us as your auditors, experts, and company for your certification. You only need to call, email us, or fill the form below. That being said, you might need to consider everything involved in compromising yourself with this task or goal. 

Implementing an ISO standard is more than just contacting us and having our auditors and experts as your guides. You also need to learn and put a lot of effort into knowing and understanding all the things that need to be done in order to obtain the desired results in no time. Therefore, once you decide to go for this BA 9000 certification and contact us, we expect you to know a bit about what you are involving yourself. 

On our website, we have information about this standard and how it can benefit your company in what it does: fabricating Body Armor. Apart from this, we encourage you to let us know your ISO needs when reaching out to us and, in this way, we will be able to custom the certification. There’s a lot to consider when you decide to go for a new ISO and meeting all the requirements established on it. 

But we will be here to act as your supporters but also, the company that will provide you with your certification. To get certified, you only need to meet everything on the standard itself. Unlike what many companies believe, they don’t have to meet or follow specific requirements from us. 

It is all about the standard and the aspects and elements established on it in order to improve the quality of the Body Armor you fabricate. Which is the focus since this ISO is all about quality management system in this area.