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What Is Body Armor BA 9000?

Making sure that the quality of the product or item you fabricate is important.

This is why you will notice that all companies follow specific standards or parameters that help them to guarantee high-quality components, parts, or products. If you own a company that is focused on fabricating parts or items for someone or another company, you should be familiar with them already. After all, many of these standards are mandatory for a company to operate and continue with its production without any issues.

And this goes for any company in this area regardless of the industry it is in. Some standards are focused on the specific company and its needs, which you will find quite interesting once you discover about ISOs and what they are all about. ISOs are documents and normative where you will find several requirements for specific aspects and areas of a company.

In this case, ISO 9001 is the one that is dedicated to the quality management system in the companies, and from it, many standards are created and modified. Here is when we start talking about BA 9000. Body Armor BA 9000 is a standard that comes from the previous ISO which is aiming for the quality of the equipment fabricated for law enforcement, federal, and more.

In this way, the ballistic quality of the armor is covered and guarantees safe equipment that won’t fail during its use. Since Body Armor and its fabrication is a delicate and quite difficult area to focus production, you need to be very careful with the quality of the equipment you fabricate. However, unlike other ISO standards, this one isn’t mandatory for your company to operate but we assure you it only brings benefits to it.

Many standards won’t be regulatory for your company, but we assure you that you will find them even more useful than the mandatory ones. That being said, there isn’t a deep or difficult explanation about BA 9000 but only a simple one: improve and guarantee the quality management system of the Body Armor fabricated in your company.

How to implement it

First, you must know that implementing an ISO comes with certification once you are done with it.

In simpler words, companies that follow and meet all the requirements established in the document will get certified on it and show clients and other organizations they are proficient in it. To make this happen, you will have to contact an organization or validated company in charge of providing certifications and with them, support, and auditing in implementing the standard.

At ISO Pros, we are a qualified and experienced company that has been helping companies in Body Armor for over a decade. We know everything about BA 9000, all the changes it has gone through, and every requirement and rule established in the document. Unlike what companies believe, our organization isn’t focused on reviewing and evaluating your business only.

We do evaluate it in order to provide the certification but part of our job and services is to give you support and guidelines. In this way, you will be able to implement the standard faster and easier, and getting certified just comes by itself. The process of implementing it could be long or short depending on your specific needs.

Meeting all the requirements in the document depend on the current status of your company, the changes that need to take place, and how many resources need to be invested. Many companies in the Body Armor area don’t struggle too much since we all know how important is to guarantee the quality of the equipment. But most of the changes that take place are only to obtain and achieve the main objective: improvement.

Therefore, the implementation is a process that will depend on you and the company supporting you and providing guidelines. When it comes to us, you won’t have to worry since we make sure to evaluate your business in no time and provide all the guidelines in order for you to start right away. This means that most of the progress and requirements depend mostly on you.


Should you invest time and resources on it?

Despite not being a mandatory standard, we highly recommend investing in it once you have time to do it. Improvements are always welcome in companies, especially if they are looking for growing and climbing some ladders.

This means that working in the quality of the items and components you fabricate is never a bad decision. In the case of Body Armor, we all know how much it means to focus on the quality since a defect could mean the death of someone.

Therefore, do you think it is a waste of time to invest in it even when it isn’t regulatory? We consider that many of the good ISOs in the documentation aren’t mandatory but they bring quite amazing benefits.

In a few words, we encourage you to spare some time for the implementation of BA 9000 and ensure that the quality management system of your company is more than perfect. Besides, the list of benefits that come with it besides improving production and quality is quite amazing when you get to know it.

There is a lot you still need to know about it and we are sure that the more you get familiar with the whole standard, the more you will want to implement it. Just make sure to let us know and we will be there to help you get certified in no time.

Once you meet all requirements, our personnel will be the one giving you the seal of approval you deserve and will attract the eyes of anyone interested in what you provide. To get to know more about this standard, we have extra information on our website or you can let us know your doubts and questions when contacting us.

It is simple and easy to speak with one of our auditors and experts, therefore, don’t hesitate.