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How can we guarantee the safety of the people that put their lives at risk for us? Or that are there to protect us from several abnormalities and situations no one should face?

Well, this question is hard to answer when you think about the difficulties and risks when it comes to the job of the police, law enforcement, and anyone in this field. However, we have—somehow—a clear answer for this: providing the right equipment. It is hard to stay safe in situations where weapons and certain people are involved, but if we can ensure that the people who are there to protect us are as protected as they can, we’re sure everyone can breathe better.

This is why paying attention to the quality and state of the equipment and gear for law enforcement is crucial. Just like companies that fabricate components for cars, planes, or different products and items, and need to follow specific requirements and parameters, the same happens with Body Armor. This is why it is crucial to dedicate enough time, efforts, and resources in their fabrication and mostly, in their quality while producing them.

For this, some different parameters and requirements need to be followed and met to guarantee the high-quality of the armor. When you own a company—and even when you don’t—you should be familiar with the need of meeting specific standards in the quality of a product. The same happens when we talk or discuss the Body Armor for federals, policy, and anyone in the forces.

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This is to ensure that they don’t have any defects and won’t put the person’s life at risk when he or she is counting on the equipment. Now, what do companies do in order to ensure the quality of the Body Armor? If you’re a company focused on this industry or area, you are more than interested in this question and its answer.

Several normative or documents are known as ISOs. They provide clauses that all companies need to follow in order to meet certain standards and parameters. In the case of quality and Body Armor, the ISO 9001 focuses on this area.

However, overall, there is always a document or standard aiming for a specific area or industry. For this aspect, BA 9000 is the standard that comes from ISO 9001 which is directed to the quality management system for Body Armor. In this document, all the requirements, rules, and parameters that need to be followed in order to guarantee high-quality armor is established.

Now, how do you implement it or meet all the requirements? Implementing an ISO or standard takes time, effort, and resources, but it is 100% necessary. Some ISOs are considered optional due to their nature and what they are aiming for.

However, this is not the case with BA 9000 since it is directly related to the quality of the armor for the forces. Therefore, implementing it is necessary and a requirement for any company in this industry and in charge of fabricating all the equipment. So far, you know what the standard is and why it is important to implement it but, how can you start doing it?

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Our company, ISO Pros, is one of the main organizations in the United States that is qualified and validated to provide ISO certifications. Once you meet all the requirements in the normative or standard, you’re granted a certification that works as a seal of approval. This shows companies or people interested in accessing the parts and items you fabricate that you’re more than capacitated and able to provide what you promise and what they need.

For BA 9000, you would be surprised by how many clients come to us requesting its implementation. To be honest, we thought many years ago that companies dedicated to fabricating Body Armor for law enforcement weren’t quite usual. However, we noticed how wrong we were right after we started our validated company.

Now, what we want to discuss with you is why you need us to implement it. Companies and organizations in charge of providing the certification once all the requirements are met aren’t only there to give you the paper. Instead, they—or at least, us—are in the obligation of supporting you in making it happen.

ISO standards are quite extensive and time will be your best ally when implementing one. But having a company next to you that can also provide you with certain guidelines and support to meet the requirements established in the normative is also crucial and decisive. In our company, we provide the support, consulting, and auditing you need to speed up the process and get certified in no time.

We are aware of how ISOs work and how we can help you to implement BA 9000. For this, you only need to contact us and we will there in no time.

Is this ISO standard for all the law enforcement’s equipment?

What do you consider equipment?

Just like the standard says, it is only for Body Armor, which means that all the parts that are used for protection—shoulders, chest, legs, and more—are included. Therefore, this question is answered right away with the name of the ISO itself but we have to agree on something: many companies are confused about it.

Body Armor involves different parts and options that might be mixed with the goal or the equipment included in this standard. This is why you shouldn’t feel ashamed of asking this question and even when you have a doubt that may seem obvious, it hurts no one to ask about it. Now, the answer would be: no, it is only for the equipment that goes in the category we mentioned before.

The main goal for this equipment and the requirements established in the normative is to produce high-quality armor that fulfills the needs when it comes to ballistic and protection in this aspect. So far, we are sure you are more than aware that taking this standard lightly can be a severe mistake.

Unlike what you might think, implementing BA 9000 isn’t mandatory. This is one of the ISO standards included and created from ISO 9001 that aren’t obligatory for the company. Many standards also focus on the quality management system of this industry and area in particular.

However, it is important to point out that implementing them comes with different benefits, which is why you might consider the idea of meeting the requirements from this one. After all, implementing ISOs isn’t a bad decision overall since all of them come with benefits and nothing else. You might not want to invest resources and time in following certain ones that aren’t regulatory.

But in the case of BA 9000, it can bring more recognition to your company and allow you to have more opportunities to be the main provider for law enforcement in your city. And this is only one of the benefits we can list for you. Now, if you have your mindset in another standard, you are always welcome to postpone this one for a while.

You can implement it whenever you feel like it, need it, or want to enjoy its benefits. This is why our company, ISO Pros, is available all year round to provide you with the auditing, consulting, and support required to get certified in it.

Is it regulatory?

It will be faster than it seems

One of the main worries of companies when it comes to implementing ISOs is how long will it take. In the case of BA 9000, it depends a lot on the actual state of your company, the production process you’re carrying out and the changes you will have to make—or not—to meet the requirements. We understand why companies worry about the time they will have to invest in getting certified in an ISO, but we consider it is irrelevant when you decide to pay enough attention to it.

In simpler words, if you decided to implement it then, there’s no need to worry about the time if you have a reliable organization that will support you in the process. Our company does more than just provide you with the certification once you’re finished fulfilling all the requirements. If you don’t meet them or have problems following the standard, we will provide you with guidelines and parameters that will help to determine the changes that need to take place.

Or the aspects interfering with the implementation. Besides, we assure you that with our qualified and validated experts and auditors, you won’t notice the time you will spend on it. Now, if you are thinking about not implementing BA 9000, it is completely fair and makes sense.

But whenever you have time to implement a new ISO standard, we encourage you to choose this one for your company before any other. After all, you will be able to obtain and enjoy several benefits, like reducing the costs of production and gaining more opportunities in the industry. That being said, there is a lot to do if you decide to go for it.

Starting with the need for learning and educating yourself about the ISO standard. Many companies underestimate the task and decide that, if they will implement one, there’s always someone who can deal with it. However, you must be aware of the things that are going to change, and if you really want to implement it.

Although ISOs always come with benefits, you might not be interested in implementing one because you already have a very similar standard. And if you don’t know this, it is most likely because you have not been involved in their implementation. Our support and assistance include helping you to understand BA 9000 better and why you should consider it for your company.

Overall, implementing a standard that allows you to improve the quality of the equipment and Body Armor you fabricate is never an extra. But the final decision is always yours and we are here to guide and provide you with certification if you decide to go for it. To have our auditors and experts supporting you, you can contact us using our contact form, sending an email, or letting us know your ISO needs via phone.

We have a special number created for you and we will answer right away. There is a lot to discuss, and the sooner we start, the sooner you will be able to get certified in the ISO standard you need. Therefore, the time invested or used in implementing it is also part of your responsibility and in your hands.

For more information, you can also find it in the other sections of our website where you can learn more about this standard and our services.