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Benefits of Body Armor BA 9000

Knowing every aspect and benefit that comes or is involved in a standard is important.

Especially when the ISO or standard you are about to implement isn’t a mandatory one and unless it brings benefits for your company, there is no reason for implementing it in the first place. Therefore, writing on your “to-do” list the need of learning about the benefits of the standard you are about to follow is a top priority for sure. Now, this specific standard, BA 9000, qualifies or meets all the aspects mentioned before and this is why we are sure you are more than interested in answer one question:

Why should you implement it? Overall, it is never a bad decision to implement a standard that guarantees the improvement of the quality of your products, items, or components. Therefore, we could say—right away—that its implementation isn’t a waste of time nor something you should consider too much and just do it.

However, we also understand the need of answering the previous question since implementing a standard comes with the need to investing time, effort, and resources. The benefits of BA 9000 consist of—mainly—one that shares with the rest of the standards from ISO 9001: reducing costs in production. When you’re able to improve the quality of the components or items you fabricate, that means you are also working in pro of improving the production.

It doesn’t sound like an obligation, but no company wants to produce better items—and have better quality—if that involves spending and investing more than it can. Therefore, you can rest assured that when you implement an ISO 9001 based standard, you will obtain several benefits in the area of production and cost reduction.

What other benefits are included in its implementation?

The list of benefits is usually long when it comes to ISO 9001 and the standards with it. This is no exception for BA 9000 since you should be able to enjoy several ones when it comes to the quality management system. The benefits could sound or seem a bit repetitive, but all of them are oriented into different or very specific parts and areas of the production and quality system.

After all, there are several aspects involved in a system of this size and we can assure you that we are aware of the difficulties and struggles in dealing with Body Armor production. That being said, what is the most relevant one? That would be a competitive advantage it provides you, as a company, over the rest in the same industry or area.

Something you are aware of is of all the competition around you and companies that are trying to stay relevant. Fabricating Body Armor is quite a competitive business since you are usually focused on a city. And we all know that despite having several departments—if it is a large city—you still have to get yourself a good deal from the law enforcement and the direct force.

The entire marketing and employing process are quite difficult, and staying relevant is one of the hardest parts for any company. When you can ensure or guarantee high-quality equipment for law enforcement, you will obtain quite an advantage in the industry. This is why companies in this area decide to implement BA 9000 even when it is not a mandatory requirement.

After all, being certified in an ISO or standard only means you are able to provide, in this case, high-quality products. Which is more than necessary in an area where a better-quality product can save someone’s life. Another benefit would be the reduction in testing the equipment.

Since Body Armor is destined to cover the damage and reduce the probabilities of getting hurt with fire weapons—guns and similar ones—it is crucial to test them. However, in the process, you usually invest a lot of equipment and products to ensure the best quality. When you follow a standard that guarantees you the best outcome due to all the requirements you have to meet, you won’t have to worry about testing one item after another.

After all, you will notice the improvement and quality right away, and changing some aspects or elements won’t be necessary or frequent. In this process, companies in the Body Armor area save a lot of money but also, time. And we all know that time can also be translated as money in the business world.



Is it relevant to your company?

As mentioned before, implementing this ISO standard isn’t mandatory, but with all the benefits you have gotten to know so far, we don’t doubt you are more than interested.

To be honest, our company ISO Pros is quite familiar with all the standards in this industry and area, and we can assure you that many of the mandatory ones do not cover this aspect or element.

Since ISO 9001 is the only focused on the quality management system, implementing BA 9000 isn’t a bad choice if you keep in mind that you won’t be able to cross paths with another similar standard. Therefore, it is an investment for your company, its growth, and the future. We encourage you to implement it and for this, make sure to contact us.

We will make sure to provide high-quality support and auditing thanks to our validated auditors and experts who will give you the certification once you meet with all the requirements. There’s a long way and journey to go, but we assure you that if there is something every company in Body Armor we have helped agrees with us is that it is completely worth it. Let us know if you want to start right away or if you still have your doubts about implementing it.

In our company, we won’t push you and if you only need some assessing to have access to guidelines to meet all the requirements, it is only natural from us to help you with this as well.